Qlik Luminary at the Double

Steph Hic Neil Qlik-Luminary_Tile_2017-2018_Mini

We have some great team news to share!

Stephanie Crooks has been recognised as a Qlik Luminary in the Class of 2018, as a result of the work she has done developing and speaking about our Toolkit products!

Steph joins Neil Martin in this elite group – Neil becomes a two-time Luminary, successfully retaining the status he first achieved in 2017.

Read more about the Qlik Luminary Program, and see the full list of Luminaries at Qlik Luminaries

Product Ordering Process

We’ve just finished a productive week, refining our ‘product ordering process’ – the steps we want someone to follow to build a Performance Compass from scratch.  The process works well, but the great news is that we can see clear routes for improvement. Well get this first version into play and ask for feedback from our builders. This time around we’ve cut out duplication and simplified where possible.

Just Getting Started

Taking the first few steps to share our journey.


My team and I are in the midst of a series of exciting developments!  We are building a series of data-driven products for Webhelp – both in the UK and across the Group – using Qlik and Microsoft software products, and a collection of supporting tools.  Recently, we’ve presented our work publicly and, as a result of the warm reception, I decided to start this blog to share our thoughts as we go!