About Me

Neil Martin

Product Development and Data Management Leader. Also, a 4-time Qlik Luminary.

Product Development and Data Management Leader

An industry-certified Product, Data and Information Technology professional. Highly experienced in the creation of data-driven products and services, brought to life though the adoption of user-centric practices and delivered using agile development principles.

I’m passionate about creating products which users love to use. Products which allow users to visualise, interact and understand data better – especially when the data has personal significance.

I’ve worked in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Customer Services industries for more than 30 years. I strongly believe that the technologies we have at our fingertips, right now, give us amazing opportunites to delight users.

Career Highlights

First Bus
(2022 – Present)
An amazing opportunity to work in a new sector, with new data sources and new challenges.

As Head of Data at Kura, my remit covered data engineering, data visualisation and data science. I unified the team and we built an expandable data model to support both a standard dashboard suite and data science.

Webhelp UK
(2003 – 2021)
I created a vast array of products during this period, some used by thousands of users, to instrument customer conversations, manage performance and coaching, and to monitor variable salary payments. All in the name of better customer service.

Spektra Group
(1995- 2002)
I managed the development of a customer order configurator for elevators – or lifts, if you prefer. How hard can it be? You might be surprised!

British Petroleum
(1986 – 1993)
I developed simple interfaces to complex problems – many related to getting oil out of the ground and into a tank, ready for shipping! From the drilling office to the refinery tank farm, it was a fantasic grounding.

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