Data-Driven Digital Transformations: Unlocking Valuable Insights

Details of an upcoming Qlik webinar, which airs on 25th July, with a link to registration.

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One of the many, very cool things about the #Qlik community and the #QlikLuminary programme are the opportunities to get involved in activities which would normally be outside your day-to-day role.  I’ve been very fortunate to have taken part in several such activities, which I’ve enjoyed immensely and have also stretched me – in a positive way!

The latest example is the upcoming webinar on the subject of Digital and Data-Driven Transformation.  This event is a panel discussion on a range of topics from data literacy, to data usage and collaboration.  It is part of a series which I’d thoroughly recommend to all.

The webinar airs on Wednesday 25th July at 10:00 BST.

You can register here:  Digital Transformation – Webinar Registration

I look forward to seeing you there and hearing your feedback afterwards!

@Qlik #QlikLuminary @GCSToolkitTeam @WebhelpUK